February & Early March News

07 Mar
Just a very brief update for February and early March. It has been incredibly busy particularly with new business and tender opportunities and thus no publication this month. Normal service will be resumed later this month! Other highlights include: • The Harris Associates 2017 Party Wall & Licence To Alter CPD session take up...
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January News Bulletin

01 Feb
New month, new year and boy what a great start to our tenth year in business.  Yes Harris Associates is 10 years old and 2017 is set to be a super year with lots and lots to look forward to.  Later in the year we will be organising an event or two to celebrate...
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December News Bulletin

03 Jan
December can very often be a funny month – quiet or extraordinarily busy!  At Harris Associates December 2016 was certainly the latter with a number of major works schemes coming to a close but it was also a very good month for new business and we also made some procedural improvements relating to our...
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November News Bulletin

28 Nov
Welcome to the November news bulletin.  This month Harris Associates released their Licence To Alter Guidance CPD video for property managers and RTM directors.  The video is under 25 minutes long and includes advice on the most common types of alteration, the risks of not following a clear process and adopted protocol and also...
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October News Bulletin

07 Nov
October has been a fabulous month for a whole host of reasons not least of all our success at the inaugural Property Week Management All Stars Awards .  We are very proud to have won the Property Management Surveyor of the Year (Award).  The whole evening was fantastic and as can be seen from our...
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August & September News Bulletin

04 Oct
Apart from an absolutely fabulous Olympics and Paralympics amid the usual holiday season August and September have been extraordinarily busy.  A number of major works schemes commenced in August including one in St James  where we needed to create a temporary reception facility before the main strip out and one in Chelsea where a careful strike and...
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July News Bulletin

01 Aug
Well if June was exciting because of the launch of our new service, the “Triple S”, then July was all about the overwhelming and positive response to the “Triple S” from existing and new clients alike.  Shaun Harris has been invited to no less than 11 presentations in July alone to talk about our...
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June News Bulletin

30 Jun
June has of course been witness to the extraordinary events surrounding the EU vote and the decision for the UK to leave the European Union.  The England football team kindly entered into the spirit of things and were duly knocked out of the Euros by Iceland.   However, here at Harris Associates it has been...
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May News Bulletin

01 Jun
Welcome to the May Edition of our monthly review.  It has been a month of much merriment and networking and we also managed to get on Parliament TV.  The whole team enjoyed a Go Ape outing and barbeque in Battersea Park.  We were lucky with the weather (it rained ferociously before and after our...
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April News Bulletin

29 Apr
April has been a busy month not just with the nuts and bolts of delivering our services but also on the CPD and training front.  The RICS Building Surveying conference was attended by all of our surveyors this month.  Feedback included: A greater understanding of the role of the Client under CDM 2015 has...
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